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Weight Loss For Men Level 2

Weight Loss For Men Level 2

This package is for men whose weight loss requirement is 20 kgs going up to 29 kgs.

The doctor will work with you to determine your current weight situation and plan for weight loss within time frame.

You will receive specific information regarding your current weight and Level I weight loss plan during the consultation sessions.

We follow a simple 3 step process to determine the specific weight issue, map the solution and then provide the solution to fix the weight problem:

  1. Weight Profile (current weight situation) Analysis
  2. Consultations for Solution Mapping
  3. Solution Package and Results

Please read about the content details of the package below carefully and call us should you have any further questions.

A Few Common Problems Experienced By Men Due To Being Over Weight by 20 kgs up to 29 kgs:

  1. Physically less attractive: Protruding belly, flabby stomach and other parts of the body.  Fat deposits on the face and chin.  And oily skin.
  2. Health problems: Over weight has been the direct cause of several health related issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes
  3. Gas cramps, Stomach Bloating and Constipation
  4. Lower Energy levels: Feeling tired and sleepy during the day and not being able to perform actively throughout the day
  5. Lower productivity at work: Lower levels of focus, concentration and motivation at work
  6. Aches and Pains: Aches and pains in joints, hips, shoulders due to body carrying the increased weight
  7. Lower Immunity towards diseases and higher potential for future health problems
  8. Decreased Libido: Lower levels of sexual energy and decreased desire for intimacy
  9. Emotional: Anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia (sleeplessness)
  10. Lower Self Esteem and Self Confidence: decrease in self confidence in public, among friends and family

  The above problems, especially the health problems increase substantially as time passes and with increasing age and is of serious concern and risk at 20 kgs up to 29 kgs over weight.  Safe, fast and permanent solution is very important at this over weight level.

A Few Potential Causes For The Over Weight Problem in Adult Men:

  • Food and Diet Habits:  Higher consumption of oily, fatty, fried foods, carbohydrates, processed foods and sugars.  Or certain diets and food types which lead to weight and fat accumulation.
  • Food Timing and Balance:  Inappropriate times for food consumption and improper balance of food nutrition.
  • Emotional Eating:  Sugar and sweet cravings.  Salty food cravings and eating to fill an emotional void or habit.
  • Metabolism: Slow metabolism and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) due to several factors including variation in age, genetics, lifestyle and other medical reasons
  • Digestion and Elimination:  Improper functioning of body’s digestive and waste elimination systems.  Eg. Stomach problems, constipation, bloating, stomach gas and cramps.
  • Activity: Little to no physical activity or ineffective activity related to weight
  • Sleep: Lesser sleep or insomnia which leads to storage and accumulation of fat cells and cellulite
  • Emotional Reasons: Stress, anxiety, depression may be causing increased fat accumulation and various other causes to weight gain
  • Thyroid and Hormones:  Hormonal Imbalance in the body.  Thyroid. Specific medical reasons
  • Genetics/ Family History: History of over weight in the family and genetics inherited

 Important: The above are only a few potential general causes and should not be used of analysis or diagnosis of specific individual factors related to body weight, body and health.  A medical professional at Weight Loss Center India will provide you the specific individual causes after a systematic analysis.

Weight Loss Center India’s 3 Step Result Oriented Approach To Safe, Fast and Permanent Weight Loss:

  1. Thorough medical and scientific understanding of the root causes of the individual’s over weight problem
  2. Pin-point the exact cause or causes of over weight
  3. Provide specific solution using medical science and holistic science that permanently fixes the over weight problem in safe, fast and permanent manner.

Solution: Slim Jiva Medical Weight Loss Package for Men: Level II

Required Weight Loss:  20 kgs up to 29 kgs

Complete Package Includes:

  • 3 Medical Weight Loss Consultation Sessions with the Doctor (Bi-Weekly)
  • Weight Profile Creation, Analysis and Diagnosis: Medical and Scientific Weight Loss Analysis by Doctor
  • Medical Profile:  Current and Past Medical Conditions If Any Related to Weight
  • Body Mass Index: Calculation and Analysis by doctor
  • Weight Reduction: Plan and Chart
  • Diet and Meal Plan: Custom Diet, Food Plan Specifics, Timing and Balance for Weight Loss
  • Hydrotherapy: Water Usage for Detoxification, Internal Systems Cleansing and Metabolism Enhancement.
  • Mind and Emotions Control: Essential Mind-Map and Psychology for weight loss
  • Motivation for Weight Loss
  • Simple Ayurveda for Fat Burning
  • Yoga and Naturopathy for Body Toning
  • Body and Mind solution for permanent weight loss

Package and Program Description:

3 Consultation Sessions with the Doctor (Bi-Weekly):

You will have 3, 1 on 1 individual consultation sessions with the doctor, once every 2 weeks,  covering these 3 points:

  • Analysis of your current weight situation
  • Discussion of your weight loss goal and time frame
  • Analysis and Diagnosis with a clear weight loss plan to meet weight loss goal within time frame.

Weight Profile Analysis:  Medical and Scientific Weight Loss Analysis by Doctor

  1. Age : Your age is an important factor which determines your weight loss due to the variation of your body metabolism with age.
  2. Height : Your height and weight distribution throughout the body.
  3. Weight : Your actual current body weight in kilograms.
  4. Waist Size: Your waist size has been documented to have a direct co-relation with weight gain and also related heart and health issues.
  5. Body Frame/ Structure: Your body build, bone structure and composition.  Whether you are medium built or heavily built influences how your body will lose weight.
  6. Genetics : Your family and parental weight.  Genes influences your weight and also accumulation of weight / fat in specific body parts such as hips, thighs and face.
  7. Medical Calculation of Your Ideal Weight : Calculation of your individual Ideal Weight which will ensure that you are attractive physically and healthy.  Your Ideal Weight is calculated by the doctor using the latest medical charts provided by the WHO (World Health Organization), medical history and using Ayurvedic Dosha method which takes into account your body composition and structure.
  8. Weight Loss Time Frame Calculation : The fastest time frame to reach your weight loss goal

Medical Profile:  Current Medical Conditions If Any Related to Weight

  • Lipid Profile
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Related health concerns and ailments

BMI Calculation: Body Mass Index Calculation and Analysis by doctor

  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) : Scientific determination of your body fat content and it’s co-relation to your weight.
  • Use of BMI for fat reduction

Weight Reduction Plan and Chart

  1. Step by Step chart and process flow for weight loss in the given time frame.
  2. Goal with milestones
  3. Tracking
  4. Follow-up
  5. Results (reaching your weight goal)


Diet and Meal Plan:  Food Plan Specifics, Timing and Balance for Weight Loss

  • Diet/ Food Plan – The exact foods you must eat based on your Weight Profile.
  • Food Timing – what times to have meals during the day.
  • Food Balance – food balance so you do not deprive your body of essential nutrition while losing weight.  This is essential for permanent weight.  If not your body will experience deprivation and weight will return back.

Hydrotherapy:  Water Usage for Detoxification, Internal Systems Cleansing and Metabolism Enhancement.

  • Water consumption plan – Exactly how much water to consume
  • When to consume water
  • How to use water to maximize and reach your weight loss goal:  Detoxification, Internal Cleansing and Metabolism Regulation and Enhancement.


Mind and Emotions Control: Essential Mind-Map and Psychology for weight loss

  • Mental strength and emotions control
  • Mental map for permanent weight loss
  • Sugar/ sweets cravings control
  • Salt cravings control
  • Night time eating control


  • How to get started losing weight?  Changing momentum from weight gain to weight loss
  • How to stay motivated and lose weight
  • How to remain motivated to maintain weight

Simple Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy for Fat Burning and Body Toning

  • Simple step by step Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy for fast, safe and permanent weight loss
  • Holistic approach to fat burning and body toning
  • Yoga Poses, Breathing for metabolism increase and Massage.

The package description provides a general guideline for what you will receive to solve the weight loss problem.  However, the specific solution is determined after the initial analysis.  And only the specific solution that is needed is provided.

Availability and Delivery:

  • Your Weight Loss Profile is sent within 24 hours of payment
  • Your doctor phone consultations will be scheduled in advance.  Consultations will be done by phone by sessions.
  • You will receive the package as next step, within 24 hours of payment
  • Your package is instantly downloadable and viewable on your computer: PC, Mac or online.  You will receive Audios, Videos and Text in 10-15 minute, step by step sessions, to be followed each day, per your weight loss plan as determined by doctor. All that you need is downloaded onto your computer  - so you do not need to leave your home or travel anyplace.
  • The package and slots are given based on availability only.

Overall Results Experienced:

Since the weight loss package and program is medical and holistic with a comprehensive treatment approach the results experienced by our patients are more than just the weight loss.

There are significant and measurable improvements in appearance, health, energy levels, productivity, libido and over all lifestyle.

Here are the results and significant benefits experienced on average by our patients after their medical weight loss program:

  • Weight Loss of 20 kgs up to 29 kgs within time frame to reach your goal
  • Physically more attractive: slimmer, shapely appearance, reduction in body fat on thighs, belly, face and buttocks.  Clearer skin tone and complexion.
  • Increase in energy (higher energy levels throughout the day)
  • Significant increase in productivity (at work and at home)
  • Increase in focus, concentration and clarity of mind
  • Overall Health improvement (blood pressure, cholesterol levels, diabetes, pains, aches and obesity related health problems)
  • Increase in libido (sexual energy and drive)
  • Higher levels of happiness (due to release of endorphins)
  • Higher self-esteem and improved self-confidence
  • Higher quality of life and lifestyle

And what does this mean for you?

  • Attain and Maintain your ideal weight permanently
  • Finally feel in control and gain confidence in your own body and physical being
  • End your frustrations with “yo-yo” dieting, crash dieting, binging or obsessing over food and finally walk free from that cycle
  • Stop fat from coming back to your belly, thighs, buttocks, and arms
  • Drop weight each and every month and actually keep it off
  • Feel happy from within much of the time
  • Stop feeling anxious, deprived, stressed or depressed
  • Look more attractive with clearer, younger looking skin and a slimmer you
  • Enjoy increased energy levels and accomplish more during the day
  • Lay the permanent groundwork for preventing diseases
  • Rid yourself of gas cramps, bloating, acid reflux or constipation
  • Be able to spend better quality time with your family and friends and experience more fulfillment from your relationships.
  • Experience peace of mind because your life is in harmony

Important – Do Not Use:

  1. Commercial Weight Loss Programs do not resolve the “underlying causes” of weight loss.  Weight loss is often not permanent and weight will most likely return with health side effects.
  2. Commercial Diets do not fix all of the elements that cause weight gain. Safe, fast and permanent weight loss is more than just using a diet.  And your body needs essential nutrients without being deprived.
  3. Commercial Weight Loss or Fat Burning Pills: They have health side effects during and after usage and are temporary in results.
  4. Expensive Weight Loss Centers: You don’t need an expensive weight loss center for the same above reasons.
  5. Friends or Relatives general advice: Unqualified advice from non medical professionals including from friends and relatives without fully understanding your body, can be costly in the long term.

The most effective solution to safe, fast and permanent weight loss is with an experienced medical professional who understands the functioning of the human body and mind from a thorough medical and holistic perspective.

Weight Loss Center India’s 10 Unique Points of Commitment to each client:

  1. SFP Principle: Safe, Fast and Permanent weight loss results.
  2. Medical and Scientific: The Medical Weight Loss packages are based on medical science and holistic sciences created by medical doctors with experience.  The program is comprehensive and fixes the root causes of weight gain in the first place.
  3. Package Level II: (20 kgs – 29 kgs) custom created specifically based on amount of weight you need to lose
  4. Customized package for men: since specific weight loss, body and mind needs are different for men and women.
  5. Results Oriented, Tested and Proven to Work: Each package has been created after over 20 years of collective experience after obtaining the desired weight loss results for patients
  6. Step by Step: Each part of the package in made easy to follow and use by anyone, and step by step
  7. Convenient: The package and program can be used from home without interference in your daily regular schedule
  8. Low Cost: Package is affordable and priced much lower than the weight loss and immense health value that it provides
  9. 1 Time Payment Only: No recurring cost, monthly costs, extra fees or hidden payments.
  10. Lose Weight or Your Money Back Guarantee: Unmatched satisfaction guarantee on your package